Internet Marketing - SEO Services, Website Designing Services

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Internet Marketing - SEO Services, Website Designing Services

Internet Marketing is the art of attracting traffic to your website. With everybody getting an online presence these days the Internet is cluttered. To avoid your website from getting lost in the clutter you need to position it intelligently. That's where we come in. We have the expert's in Internet Marketing. By adopting a combination of techniques like SEO, Article and Directory Submissions, Link Building etc. we increase relevant traffic to your website which in turn drives sales
Our entire SEO Service / Process consists of two very important things.

  On Page Optimization
  Off Page Optimization
Below is a list of On Page Optimization elements
 Title tags / Meta Tags
  Headline Tags / H1 Tags
  Alt Tags
 Important Keywords in Body
  Keyword Density
  Meta tags (Description and Keyword Tags)
  Important keywords in Bold, Underline, Italic
  URL Optimization
  HTML Sitemap on site

Below is a list of Off Page Optimization elements
Back links (Link to your site from another site)
Anchor text (The words that link to your site)
Relevancy between two sites. (“theme” of the web site your link is on)
Keyword Research & Proper Keyword Selection - This is one of the most important point of SEO processes. It is really necessary to find the right keywords for the site and need to use the same into content, writing title and Meta tags and generating back links for the site. I and My team doing the proper keyword research for site and finding the niche keywords for the site which can bring visitors on the site.

Meta Tags & Title Tags Optimization - Web site need to have unique title and Meta tags on each and every page. I and my team writing the proper title and Meta tags for each and every page on the website to get boost into search engine ranking.

Proper Category Structure / Page Naming - I and my team make sure that web site is having proper navigation structure to browse the other pages of web site, giving proper page name to the pages.

Search Engine Friendly URLs - Using of search engine friendly URLs can help your pages to quite often as compare to dynamic URLs with lots of session IDs. As per me and my team static URLs can help you get rank high on the search engines.

Link Building - A link to your site from relevant theme can give your site boost into search engine rankings. The more number of relevant links you have, the more important your website appears to the search engines.